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Phoenix SCUBA of Buffalo welcomes you to our full-service dive center and headquarters for SSI and DAN diver training at all levels from our “try scuba” introduction through Instructor certification, equipment sales, air fills, repairs, equipment counseling, swim and beach apparel, dive charters, world dive travel. We feature Zeagle Equipment and other products MADE IN AMERICA!

We invite you to tour our website to learn more about our facilities, let us introduce you to our rich local diving history and prepare you for the fun and excitement of scuba diving that can start today and last well into your future. Stop in and say hello!

We offer programs for youth, adults, families and groups along with Certified Scuba Certification for the physically challenged.

Phoenix SCUBA is proud to partner with the Wounded Warrior Project, The Battle Within Foundation, WNY Heroes and other organizations to train military and first responder personnel with assorted issues, including therapeutic programs.

Phoenix SCUBA of Buffalo is only 10 minutes from the Peace Bridge to Canada and close to I-90 making it convenient to both Canadian divers from the Niagara Peninsula and divers from all over Western New York.

Come see us for other diving programs as well as CPR, AED and First Aid classes.

Phoenix SCUBA has participated as a consultant to the Greater Niagara Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America Powder Horn High Adventure Training Program, co-sponsor of Sea Scout Ship 1, and as merit badge councilors for the BSA Scuba Merit Badge for over 15 years.

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The Phoenix Difference

Our mission is to share our passion for the underwater world in everything we do.

Our Dive Center

  • We treat our clients like family not a number.
  • We feature products “MADE IN AMERICA” whenever available.
  • We counsel our clients so they only make purchases that fit their needs.
  • Our “Dealer Prep” on equipment exceeds the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • We provide reduced pricing incentives for Veterans, AAA members, Boy Scout and Sea Scout programs and several other groups.

Our Goals

  • Provide our customers the Proper Knowledge, Proper Skills, Proper Equipment, and Proper Experience for our clients to Safely Enjoy the Sport of Scuba Diving as a Life-Long Activity.
  • Exceed our customer's expectations through our commitment to Integrity and Quality in Everything that we endeavor to do.
  • Provide only quality life support and related equipment for sale and rental in our facility to support youth, adaptive, and family programs that help our clients build self-esteem and personal growth through our training programs and activities.
  • Promote the Personal and Professional Growth of our staff.

Our Community

We support our community with a school, scout, and youth programs as well as charities such as Dive Pirates Foundation, WNY Adaptive Water Sports, Disabled Sports USA, the Wounded Warrior Project and the OPAF First Dive Program.

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Our Training Programs

  • We tailor your training program to your schedule and needs.
  • We make sure you are confident and comfortable with your skills knowledge in the pool BEFORE you go for your open water training dives.
  • We meet with you and thoroughly explain what the total cost of your training program is and what is included BEFORE you sign up. NO SURPRISES!
  • We are the ONLY diver training facility in Western New York that includes the training manual which is yours to keep as a reference along with a professional grade Dive Log.
  • We provide the use of ALL of the equipment you need for our Open Water diver Program.
  • We include the open water SCUBA Dives as a part of the program, not an extra.
  • We do more than just teach a class, we create comfortable confident divers.
  • We believe you come to us to become a diver, to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world safely and have fun while you learn not just to take a class and buy equipment.
  • For specialty programs the cost of the training manual is included and yours to keep as a permanent reference.
  • Our SSI programs are ISO Certified World Wide.
  • We not only teach SCUBA we teach CPR, First Aid and the Divers Alert Network (DAN) safety programs.
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Meet the Staff

Tony owner

Tony Anderson

Owner / Instructor Trainer


Meet Tony Anderson

With his wife Carole, they co-foundered Phoenix Scuba of Buffalo located in Lackawanna, NY. This facility is an SSI Diamond Diver Training facility, a Divers Alert Network (DAN) training center and an ERDI Public Safety diver training facility.

Tony started diving in the mid 60's was a founding member of the Town of Evans Auxiliary Police Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team and achieved the rating of Scuba Instructor in 1971. Since then, he has taught scuba diving courses for the YMCA, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), NASDS, British Sub-Aqua Club, and SSI. Tony is currently holding the rating of instructor trainer for both SSI and DAN. In addition to teaching regular dive training, he has specialized training for divers with special needs including paraplegics, quadriplegics, amputees, PTSD and other disabilities. All the programs he teaches focuses on creating a comfortable competent diver as opposed to just teaching a class.

Over the past half-century he has made thousands of dives in numerous locations around the world and has stories to tell that make any program he is involved with more interesting. He served as the director of engineering and special projects for a commercial diving and construction company for over 10 years.

Tony is a manufacturer trained regulator repair technician for several manufacturers breathing apparatus. In 2011, Tony received the prestigious “Platinum Pro 5000 Diver” and the “Platinum Pro 5000 instructor” awards for significant contributions to the dive industry and significant contributions to diver training.

Industry contributions have included the updating of the SSI Classified Scuba instructor and diver training programs, contributing to DAN on some of their training programs and helping to develop the Archeological protocols for underwater research projects. Additionally Mr. Anderson has a Merchant Marine 100 ton master's license. In addition, Tony is a licensed professional engineer, allowing him to provide expertise in the design of several marina projects along with commercial/Research and recreational projects, including their environmental impacts.

Both Tony and his wife Carole initiated the national “First Dive” Program for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistance Fund. They both operate the local chapter of Dive Pirates Foundation a national charity organization that provides Scuba opportunities to Disabled Military and other physically disabled individuals. The focus of his charitable endeavors is “quality of life” programs for the physically disabled.

Carol owner

Carole Anderson

Owner / Instructor


Meet Carole Anderson

Co-founder of the Phoenix Scuba of Buffalo Diver training facility, Carole has been diving since 1999, teaching Scuba since 2005 and Diver Alert Network (DAN) First Aid programs since 2008. Carole is also an Adaptive/Classified diver instructor. Carole is the person you will see at the dive training center and shares a unique ability to create comfortable competent divers in every program she teaches. With experience in diving all over the world, Carole has a talent for helping individuals achieve their dive travel needs where ever the want to dive.

Recently, Carole has assisted in creating Research Diver training protocols for local educational facilities and currently is the Dive Safety Officer (DSO) for the Aquarium of Niagara.

Carole's contributions to the diving community includes the updating of the SSI Classified Scuba instructor and diver training programs and contributing support to DAN on consulting on some of their training programs while under development.

Both Carole and her husband Tony initiated the national “First Dive” Program for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistance Fund. They both operate the local chapter of Dive Pirates Foundation, a national charity organization that provides Scuba opportunities to Disabled Military and other physically disabled individuals. The focus of her charitable endeavors is “quality of life” programs for the physically disabled. In addition Carole and Tony are BSA Merit Badge councilors and the Leaders of Sea Scout Ship 1.

Buck instructor

Buck Buchanan



Meet Buck Buchanan

  • Buck brings a passion for Public Safety Diving providing the knowledge and skills necessary for their mission.
  • 28 years dive experience
  • Public Safety Diving Instructor Trainer
  • Veteran of over 80 recovery operations
  • 20 years in Public Safety Diving
  • Multi agency instructor
  • Board of advisors- Diving for Heroes (wounded warriors)
  • Product development (training agencies, books and equipment)
  • Technical Instructor Trainer
  • Combat diver/tactical swimmer trainer
  • Over 6000 Safe dives
  • Safety officer on two world record teams (worlds longest dive)
  • Longest personal dive 47 hours
  • CNN- Contract consultant for Dive Operation/Conducted the first ever live worldwide broadcast interview while under water (gulf oil spill)
  • Waterborne training officer for Cherokee County Dive Rescue
  • Training and Technical consultant state of Georgia Dive Team
  • Owner of
  • Commercial Dive Safety Officer
  • Salvage Diver and Heavy Recovery Specialist
Buck instructor

Chuck Gordon



Meet Chuck Gordon

Chuck began his diving in the 1990s bringing a strong love of the open water. With family members in tow, he earned his Basic SCUBA and as they say, “That's how it all started.” Trips, travel and day excursions lead to more training and education, Advanced, Nitrox, Rescue, and Master and Instructor Trainee.

Chuck is also a certified NYS Paramedic and an Army Veteran

Currently a Licensed USCG Captain, the love of the water, is always part of the equation.

Generally, with camera somewhere on his Kit or close by, with photography being a second love which was brought to the sea.

100s of dives latter, though the freshwater lakes, and rivers, to the Florida Keys, Bahamas and other outbound places, the hobby has turned into something more.

Buck instructor

Mike Pohl



Meet Mike Pohl

Mike has a lifelong respect and love for the water. Above, below or near the water, Mike will be there whenever he is able.

  • Mike started diving in the 70's with nearly 2,000 dives in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  • US Coast Guard Veteran.
  • Graduate of the PADI Instructor Training Collage.
  • Worked as a PADI Instructor and Dive Master for several decades.
  • Holds a PADI Master Diver rating as well as numerous specialty certifications.
  • Taught CPR, BLS and Water safety.
  • Member of the Erie County Sheriff Under Water recovery unit for 20 years.
  • Has a USCG Masters License.
  • Currently teaching as an SSI AI.
Sophie instructor

Sophie Wimberley

Instructor Trainer


Meet Sophie Wimberley

Sophie began her diving career as an open water diver with NASDS in 1989, and it was the advanced diving course in 1991 that inspired her to pursue a leadership role in recreational scuba diving. She became a Scuba Schools International (SSI) Open Water Instructor in 2004, and in 2014, completed the SSI Instructor Trainer certification. As a pharmacist, Sophie was motivated to become a Divers Alert Network Instructor (DAN) with the ability to teach first aid/CPR and emergency oxygen. She is currently an SSI Platinum 1000 Instructor and is certified to teach over 25 SSI specialties in addition to also being a DAN instructor trainer.

With her friends and family, Sophie has explored the world, achieving over 2000 open water dives to date. One of Sophie's passions is to support persons with physical disabilities, and this led her to become an SSI Classified Dive Instructor Trainer and a co-founder of the Dive Pirates Foundation (